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I just thought I would share the position ISTE and other advocacy groups that are part of the EdLinc network are taking on the E-rate program as the FCC considers potential changes. This comes from an article by Hilary Goldmann, ISTE's Senior Government Affairs Officer in the December - January issue of Learning and Leading.

I think most of us will agree with ISTE's general positions, which are:

1. The E-rate program is extremely successful.

2. E-Rate's funding is inadequate to meet current and future demand.

3. We support establishing national bandwidth goals.

4. Connectivity metrics are the only appropriate way to measure E-Rate's success.

5. There is no need to change E-Rate's definition of educational purposes.

6. We have deep concerns about instituting a per-pupil formula.

7. We support streamlining the application process and making E-Rate more efficient.

8. Districtwide E-Rate applications should be supported but not mandated.

9. The ramifications of eliminating priority distinctions would be harmful.

ISTE's formal comments filed with the FCC are available at http://goo.gl/9ad0Ux.

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